Diesel Power Washers (6)

A diesel power washer is a robust and portable cleaning solution that relies on diesel fuel to generate high-pressure water for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. With increased power and durability, diesel power washers are well-suited for industrial settings, construction sites, and applications where mobility and strong cleaning capabilities are essential. Our bestselling brand is: Yanmar. Next Day Delivery Available.

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CD5950NES Coming Soon
€2894.99 inc vat
€2,353.65 ex vat
COMET18YTER In stock
€3598.00 inc vat
€2,925.20 ex vat
COMET21YTE Coming Soon
€3229.99 inc vat
€2,626.01 ex vat
Save €314.88
PLS10HPD In stock
€1653.12 inc vat
was €1968.00 inc vat
€1,344.00 ex vat
was €1,600.00 ex vat
WBW In stock
POA inc vat
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RW5030 In stock
€683.00 inc vat
€555.28 ex vat