Power Tools (43)

A power tool is something that is operated by a source of power and system different than the only physical exertion utilized with hand tools. Electric motors are used in the majority of power tools. Howden Tools and Garage equipment is the leading supplier of power tools in Ireland. We are distributing wide range power tools from top brands in the world. Some of the tools are Angle Grinder, Biscuit joiners, Circular Saws, Combi Drills, Impact Drivers, Impact Wrenches, Jig Saws, Metre Saws, Multi Tools, Nail Guns, Planers, Pokers, Reciprocating Saws, Right Angle Drills, Routers, Sanders & Polishers, SDS – Plus Hammer Drills, SDS – Max Hammer Drills, Straight Grinders, Table Saws, Lights, Radios, Bench Grinders, Band Saws, Paint Sprayers.

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